My name is Ali Scego. I am seeking to represent Port of Seattle Commissioner Position 2. It has been my privilege to lead a life of public service as a visionary Work Force leader with over twenty years of progressive experience and expertise in bringing a diverse partner to deliver results by implementing system integration that removes barriers, increase access to education and employment. I’m passionate about creating a path to self-sufficiency for all of our people.

As a King County long time resident, I’ve developed enduring relationships with grassroots community-based organizations, governmental bodies, small business and non-profit agencies that are dedicated to improve the quality of life. It has been these relationships that have informed my work in the public sector. From my early days in Welfare to Work to my time with Community College system and now at Non-Profit agency – my goal has remained singular – to alleviate chronic poverty in the community that I work and live in.

I’m running for Port of Seattle because I believe in those thousands of workers that build this strong economic engine. I believe every port and contract workers can achieve a better life if we create a just system, a system that works for them. I want to build a system that will invest in human capital and creates a talent pipeline that benefits both labor and business communities.