A pipeline for  sustainable employment: As a former Director of Workforce Education, I know that time is money. I have over 20 years of experience managing complex budgets and running vocational programs. I can be a real asset to the Port Jobs’ Airport Jobs and Airport University as I believe the Port can further their agile workforce model to upskill contract workers and reduce talent gaps. We must provide stable employment and upward mobility for workers which benefits the business community by having a pipeline of skilled workers which will also increase retention rates. I have the skills and knowledge to expand upon existing vocational training opportunities for a sustainable pipeline of skilled workers essential to increase the long term competitiveness of the Port.

Sustainable clean environment that improves the quality of life for the entire Puget Sound ecosystem by eliminating toxic pollutants, reducing the noise level, increasing vegetation and old growth trees and restoring the Duwamish river. 

Workforce Housing. As one of the largest landowner, the Port needs to be part of the housing solution by building workforce housing in the surrounding cities.